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Purchase Mobile Phone Accessories, Vin is PRETTY ENOUGH.

Vin been established 5 years, was service for over 300+ customer all over world-wide. We are making so much customer happy and grow up quickly.
Why?Vin Technology Team work
We are strong ability to meet customer’s inquiry and help fix the real problem of they need to fix.
Our experienced Development Team, Manufacture Team, And Quality Control Team all spend their knowledge and power on provide great Customer Experience. They make us have a power ability to provide high features product to world wide consumer,They are get benefit of high quality enjoyment from our service.
You do not work with Vin, Your peer company definite work with…


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Vin Development

With 30 experienced engineers in our development department, we are ready to meet your business needs. We only hire the best developers. All our project managers have over 5 years of experience.
Our team members include:

• 3 ID Designers
• 2 Graphic Designers
• 7 Structural Engineers
• 5 Hardware Engineers
• 5 Software Engineers
• 4 Verification Engineers
• 4 Assistant Structural Engineers

Our strong R&D Team is well-equipped to provide powerful support for OEM/ODM services. Our team responds quickly to all customer service requests. 


Our largest department in Vin Technology consists of over 300 highly skilled staff members continuously providing high quality product to a global market.
Our workplace is ideally suited to allow our team members to improve continuously in its ability to meet the increasing customer demand.

Our team members include:

• 3 Production Managers
• 8 Process Engineers
• 6 Improvement Engineers

Our staff is the most skilled and knowledgeable in the Vin Technology field. Their hard work has allowed us to earn the respect of customers around the world. We consistently and responsibly provider top notch product delivery to all our valued customers.

Our quality control department works under the most intense pressure in the Vin department. As they test and inspect our products to ensure that each meets our rigorous standards for high-quality, upgraded products. They are the last step in risk control.

We take pride in the dedication and hard work of our quality control team. With their help, we have prevented thousands of quality control issues and saved over 10 million RMB.

Again and again, our customers praise our quality control team for the superior knowledge and service.

Our quality control team includes:

• 8 Quality Control Engineers
• 37 QC Technology Staff Members
• 1 Advanced Testing Laboratory
• 3 Sets of 512 set Battery capacity Grading Device
• 10 Electroacoustic Test Devices
• 8 Frequency Sweep Meters
• 8 Polarity Devices

Their rigorous work and professional attitude earns the thanks and praise of our many customers.

Our target for customer services is to give every customer a “Wow” experience every time. We are committed to improving our customer service to keep impressing each customer each time we work with them.

Here is what we do to achieve that wow experience for every customer:
• Quick response. Our goal is to respond to customers within 10 min of receiving their email

• Fast delivery. Meeting our customers’ requests is our number one priority. We demand that all related departments work quickly to solve our customers’ issues and meet their needs. Our quick responses allow us to get answer
for our customers in the shortest time possible.

• Responsible. We take full responsibility for all our products. When we make promises to our customers, we keep them. Our responsible attitude ensures that customer do not lost anything valuable in the process.

Our goal is to work together with customers, creating a win-win conclusion to ever customer need. As our business grows and succeeds, we work to help your business flourish despite challenges and the intense competition we all face in the business world.

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